Crack Shack Chiropractic: A metaphor used to describe a person addicted to chiropractic care; fundamentally honest and good.

Being called ‘the crack dealer’ is quite a compliment. The expression is risky and it is believed that the use of ‘crack’ in the expression is a reference to its value at the time. As the name suggests, this startup—founded by a chiropractor who turned purpose-driven in relation to chiropractic care, Judi McCormick the founder thought to make the care mobile. Now you have the mobile crack shack.


The Crack Shack Chiropractic





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Funnel through a plethora of strong ideas to create a single, concise identity for the brand.

After a few of our legendary poking and prodding sessions, we uncovered an important belief of the founder: There is an epidemic of consumerism around the world, and the cost of producing junk is having an adverse effect on our environment. Josh has a long-term vision to build a brand that is more about supporting our Earth than just making a profit. We took inspiration from the name to build the brand around the virtues of goodness and decency. Salt of the Earth people are adventurous and love connecting with nature. They’re at peace in the mountains, on the lake, at the beach, and in the sun. SOTE are also fervent minimalists and craftsmen who live simple, purposeful lives because they are led by their passions. This became the sacred concept to bring to life with the brand identity.


The words “back adjustment, refined, minimal, noble and mobile” became our guiding lights for the design look and feel.

With a desire to send a message of  chiropractic care being available to all and cost-efficient, we created the fleshless buck logo growing from a spinal structure of bone in the horns as a symbolic reflection of the spinal values of respecting the body, their belief in simplicity, and the heirloom quality pieces that will grow and nurture the customers "Back Crack"TM addiction through a lifetime of physical health. 

Founder, Crack Shack Chiropractic

Judi McCormick

"When we first approached Cardinal Group Marketing our goals were big. The team helped define our purpose and what it means to be the Crack Shack Chiropractic. We couldn't be happier with their creativity and passion for helping others. It shows in everything they do."


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