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Senior Vice President Sales Marketing

Jhorman Cuesta

Cardinal Group Marketing Leadership

Jhorman Cuesta is currently Senior Vice President of Sales Marketing for Cardinal Group Marketing. 

He has over 15 years of experience in customer service /sales. After graduating Gibbs College in Montclair, New Jersey and receiving his associates in computer programming at the age of 19. Jhorman decided to move to Miami, Florida to pursue his computer skills in programming. Jhorman became a loan officer and underwriter for commercial properties (ACC). Throughout his journey, he acquired skills that customer service requires. “I hated cold calling people over the phone until someone helped me understand I was the foundation of incoming sales for the company”. This pushed him to enhance knowledge and training for all future products, services in any organization. Marketing has Led Jhorman to use his Sales/customer service skills and technical background to the position he’s in now.

Jhorman is certified with an ITIL® Foundation Certificate V3 in IT Service Management which allows him to gain/contribute knowledge to any ongoing service improvement program. This may include structure and basic concepts, comprehending the core principles of service management in a business. Now working on an Expert level ITIL certification. Also certified with an HDI in technical support.

Outside of Marketing Jhorman loves to play sports, spend time with his family and drink Starbucks.

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