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Dope Soul Travel: Providing Dope International Travel For Groups of People

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Rubber Track, Tire Repair, Truck Repair
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Create the brand for Dope Soul Travel. 

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An engaging combination of user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design is what draws people through the various elements of your site to the intended outcomes. Design guides your visitors’ behaviour while interacting with your content, and is what will bring them back time and again — converting them from visitor to customer.

Design without strategy is just decoration. From typography and photography to what options people see in your navigation and how they access your menus on mobile devices — your web design has three major jobs to do:

  • Help people find exactly what they need

  • Evoke your brand personality

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This is why effective web design is driven more by your audience and website data, SEO practices, and experience than it is by trends in creative and technology. What works for one brand might not work for your audience or your goals, and you can trust our team to be honest and transparent when helping you make creative decisions.



Web design in action

Our process is specifically designed to help take the daunting task of planning, designing, and approving an entire website, and break it down into easily digestible deliverables. We separate information architecture, content, and UI design into phases to help our clients focus on nailing each aspect of their web design.


With over 18 years of industry experience, Cardinal Group Marketing founder and lead strategist Rodney Bonner proudly oversees a team that crafts unique, purpose-driven, future-friendly web designs.

We work collaboratively through the entire design process, making careful decisions based on your target audience, consumer data, research, and our expertise. Functionality drives the bus, paired with an attractive visual design and accessibility.